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Wellness Exam

Why yearly health exams matter

Yearly exams are important for your overall health. Screenings at these visits often catch diseases in earlier stages, making it easier to treat and prevent complications,

Plus, making annual visits to your primary care provider can help you keep tabs on how your health changes over time. For example, you can track your risk factors for diabetes, blood pressure and obesity. Let’s say your doctor notices that your risk for one of these diseases is higher from one year to the next. They can recommend lifestyle changes (and maybe even medications) to get your health back on track before things get worse.

Wellness Exam Breakdown

First, your doctor will take several measurements to check your general health. These may include:

Body mass index (BMI)
Heart rate
Blood pressure

Your provider may also recommend laboratory tests to check on your organs and other body functions. Common laboratory tests include:

Blood sugar
Kidney function
Liver function
Heart function
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