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Diabetes Care

TIDES Diabetes Self Management Program

What is TIDES? TIDES stands for Take-Charge initiative for Diabetes through Education and Support. We provide one-on-one Diabetes education and counseling for personalized self management planning. We also host group classes, lunch and learn events, screening events, health and wellness activities and much more! We help you create a plan to take charge of your Diabetes in a way that best suits YOUR lifestyle. Some of our topics include:

Healthy Eating
Physical Activity
Monitoring Blood Sugar
Stress Management
Taking Medications
Solving Problems
Reducing Risks of Complications

We are now offering three types of FREE events and group classes: Diabetes 101 Course, Grocery Store Tour at Kenedy Walmart, and Diabetes Lunch-and-Learn Seminar. To learn more about our Diabetes Program or to schedule an appointment with our educator, contact:

Theresa Fenner, MPH, CHES

Diabetes Educator

Diabetes 101 Course is your one-stop-shop for Diabetes self-management education. We will cover a range of topics to help you become familiar with Diabetes and how to better manage or prevent it through healthy behaviors. We’ll cover everything from nutrition to blood sugar monitoring to reducing stress. The course will last 1.5-2 hours.

Grocery Store Tours at Kenedy Walmart are walking tours through the store's grocery aisles to provide you hands-on nutrition information. Because of the nature of the tours, we limit each group size to 6 people or less. These tours last about 1 hour and 15 minutes, and we will be walking, so plan to wear comfortable shoes!

Diabetes Lunch-and-Learn Seminars are presented every other month, each on a different topic selected by our Diabetes Educators. We provide lunch and discuss a relevant Diabetes topic. Please call to find out the next date and topic or to suggest a topic for us to cover. Lunch is free but RSVP is required to attend.

Diabetes Self Management Programs are linked to benefits such as improved A1C levels, weight loss, improved blood pressure and cholesterol, enhanced confidence & a capability to enjoy life more through physical activity and better nutrition.

Patients may be referred directly to our program by their Physician or by calling our Diabetes Educator and making an appointment for an initial consultation. The best part? ALL of these services are provided at no cost! We can even provide free meters and strips and suggestions on lowering your out of pocket medication costs.
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